Drinking Ginger and Lemongrass Tea For A Super-boost to Your Immune System

Ginger and lemongrass are two useful herbs you can use to brew tea with lots of health benefits. This herbal tea has a strong ability to calm your soul and make you relaxed, that’s why it is famously served in tropical spa before and after treatment.

It’s easy to make the ginger lemongrass tea at home:

You have to prepare:

  • Lemongrass, 6 stalks
  • Fresh ginger, 50g
  • Chamomile, 1 packet
  • Pandan leaves, tied in a knot
  • Water, 1 litre
  • Raw honey

Cut the ginger into slices without removing the skin.

Crush lemongrass with the back of a cleaver and then cut them into short stalk.

Add lemongrass, ginger and pandan leaves into a pot, then bring to boil and simmer for around an hour.

Add honey to taste and drink.

Medical Values of Lemongrass and Ginger Tea

Ginger has valuable medicinal uses, from preventing and cure cancers, to relieving migraine and arthritis pain. And studies has found that ginger is as effective as vitamin B6 when treating morning sickness. It’s often taken in the form of tea to relieve heartburn, and when added brown sugar, the ginger tea is used to treat menstrual cramps.

Lemongrass has strong anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, making it an amazing herb that has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal purposes. General uses of lemongrass are including:

  • Cough, sore throats
  • Anxiety and depression
  • High cholesterol level
  • Diabetes
  • Digestion
  • Dry skin and acne
  • Constipation
  • Kidney detoxification
  • Insomnia

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